Anger management

Don’t blame other people, you are above that. If someone says something and you get angry, it is because you chose anger. Nobody can make you feel angry. Unless they are holding a gun to your head, they have no more control over your emotions than they do the Pacific Ocean.

So don’t say “I get so angry when he does that”.

Would you want to give someone that power over you?

If someone annoys me, deliberately or with a skill of annoyance they were born with, I envisage a bubble that surrounds me. Mr or Mrs vexation become a blurred image faintly resembling their former self. I turn their volume right down. Their problems, opinions or complaints can’t penetrate my safe sphere of self.

This defense mechanism comes with some negative side-effects such as, a glazed look in my eyes and an inability to respond to questions.

If I appear to be looking through you I either find you irritating or I am intoxicated. Both are just as likely.


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