Cold calling

Sales man – Good afternoon, may I speak to Miss Stephanie Long please?

Me – May I ask who is calling?

Sales man – It’s Gareth from DHL, Miss Long requested I call her regarding her stock requirements.

Me – So you have spoken to her recently?

Sales man – Yes, could you put me through to her please?

Me – That’s interesting. When did you speak to her?

Sales man – Last week sometime.

Me – Okay. Miss Long has actually been declared as a missing person and was last seen a month ago. I am sure the police and her family would appreciate details of any contact you have had with Stephanie. Do you have details of the conversation you had with her?

Sales man – Long pause…Erm. No.

Me – Do you know Miss Long personally?

Sales man – No

Me – Will you help me find her? Please?

Sales man – Long pause

————–Dial tone————-


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