Life: it’s terminal.

A few things I would like to do in my lifetime:

Save someones life.
Create something beautiful.
Visit Japan.
Visit America.
Hold a baby monkey.
Say “I love you” and mean it.
Ride in a hot air balloon.
Make a speech.
Drive a fast car as fast as it can go.
Win the lottery.
Jump off a cliff into the sea.
Go to a ball and wear a ball gown.
Set fire to something big and watch it burn.
Sleep in a tree house.
Swim in the sea in the middle of the night.
Write a ridiculous list of things i’ll probably never do.


One thought on “Life: it’s terminal.

  1. I would love to:
    Illustrate a children’s book
    Release an album
    Learn to ballroom dance
    Sing in a choir
    See the Northern Lights
    Participate in a street art battle
    Swim with whale sharks
    Inspire at least one person
    Learn a foreign language fluently
    Sail on crystal clear water (again)
    Find someone who’d love to do all this with me

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