Why don’t you eat meat?

I get asked this every time I dine in new company and when I’m not feeling particularly in the mood for a debate I answer with “I don’t like the taste” and leave it as that.

While that is true, I was never a big meat eater, when I became old enough to be fully aware of what I was consuming and where it came from this is when I became vegetarian.

I haven’t consumed meat in 10 years and I don’t miss it.

Don’t worry, this isn’t going to become a lecture. I don’t care what you do. This is my personal choice and opinion.

Due to the fact that I think too much and have a vivid imagination I really do associate meat with death and suffering. This is not something I wanted, it’s just something that occurred.

Is there a word that means to have a phobia of eating meat? Maybe that is what I have. The very thought disgusts me.

If you can remain blissfully naïve while eating your burger that’s great, aren’t you lucky, carry on. If you can think about the death of an innocent cow whilst you consume it then perhaps you deserve to enjoy it. If you could kill the cow, butcher it, cook it and eat it then good for you. I can do none of these things.

That is why I don’t, can’t and won’t eat meat.

Don’t get defensive. Don’t wave meat in my face expecting me to want to take a bite out of it. You make your choice, I’ll make mine.


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