My twin brother was diagnosed with brain cancer two weeks ago completely out of the blue.

He doesn’t drink, smoke, do drugs or anything we are told is detrimental to one’s health. 
As our future’s unfold into an obstacle course with fences so high we can’t see the top I believe the only way forward is to relinquish control, accept the inexplicable and enjoy life’s pleasures wholeheartedly while we are all lucky enough to do so. 
With an innate positivity I intend to live as if there is no tomorrow and i’d like to invite you to join me. 
Seriously, DO NOT sweat the small stuff. 
He will climb the fence and I’ll climb it with him. I’d carry him if I could. 

Double negative

I was only five minutes from home but a recently watched episode of Crimewatch had dampened my confidence in the safety of the dark. It was 3am and my high heels were trying to reject my feet. I steadied myself with the wall and stumbled around the corner into the subway. My shoes had succeeded in their mission when I gave up, crouching to take them off. The pavement was cracked and uneven and I struggled to keep my balance. A man emerged from the shadows, walking towards me and holding out his hand. As he smiled I imagined his face as an e-fit. “I aint gonna cause you no harm”. On receipt of his threat I leaped up, hit him hard in the face with my shoe and ran barefoot all the way home.



If I were a helium balloon

you’d be holding my ribbon tight.

I’d float a steady distance from your hand.
I’d sway gently in the zephyr
shining subtly in street lamp light.
I’d speak in movement only you will understand.

creepy motherfuckers


I don’t want to sound paranoid, but the internet is creepy. As in landlord putting cameras in your shower creepy.It is impossible to use the internet and keep information from people who want to find you. Seriously impossible. Thankfully my blog has no identifiable features that tie it to me in real life because I would be mad if I had to delete my blog and start over. I mean I have 2600 followers who  would be devastated.


I am going to have to slowly delete myself from all things social online. Which totally sucks monkey balls. The extra hairy ones. What I want to know is why the hell is it ok for someone to be able to have a full criminal background check on you for the low low price of 19.95! The people that run these businesses are assholes. Yeah, you heard me. Assholes.

No one should…

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